Innova Inversion Therapy Table: A Fast Working Home Treatment To Eliminate All Lower Back Pain (My Review)

innova inversion table for lower back pain review

Why The Innova ITX 9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table Is So Effective….

The Innova inversion table is an extremely effective lower back pain treatment compared to other alternatives out there. It’s stand out methods are really what makes the entire difference:innova ITX9600 heavy duty back relief

  1. Instantly relieves back pressure through the 5 position adjustable safety pin, making it completely safe, comfortable, and consistent every time
  2. Improves posture and enlongates the spine because of the true balance system for easy inverting with ergonomical ankle holding system
  3. Extra large adjustable headrest pad with large and comfortable padded backrest, designed to accommodate a wide variety of users
  4. Increases blood circulation which promotes a quicker recovery
  5. While remaining 100% affordable for anyone

Powerful And SO Easy To Use!

If you have the daily agony of suffering through lower back pain, and are looking for a quick and effective way to banish it…

…Then the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table is definitely what you need- It’s amazing ability to relieve muscle aches will make you feel like the pain was never there! All while making the therapy session very easy and comfortable.

With The Innova Inversion Table, banishing all lower back pain is easy.

The Innova Inversion Therapy Table Is Super Fast! innova inversion therapy banish lower back pain

Do you have a busy schedule? No problem!

Using the Innova Inversion table is as simple as modifying your morning routine

Many customers expressed their quality of life had improved with just 15 minutes of inversion therapy per day!

And Because The Innova ITX9600 Inversion Therapy Table Is So Effective. It Also Includes:

  • HEAVY DUTY- The equipment can support up to 300lbs
  • EXTRA long back rest
  • RELIEVES pain and stiffness in your back
  • QUICKER adjustment of the maximum inversion angle compared to safety strap designs
  • 180 DEGREE INVERSION angle helps decompress and stretch the spine to release tension
  • STURDY frame design
  • ACCOMMODATES users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in.
  • QUICK & EASY assembly is made possible thanks to clear instructions in the manual
  • WELL packaged to prevent damage prior to delivery
  • EXCELLENT customer service
  • Folding design is MORE COMPACT than most higher priced models
  • QUICK & RELIABLE height adjustment system

No need to buy anything else for lower back pain relief. The Innova Table is all you need.

Best Of All: Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!innova inversion therapy table lower back pain relief

Customers Keep It: This product has a lower than average return rate when compared to similar products.

Why would the Innova Therapy Table have such good such good feedback? Because it works, of course!

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 What Others Are Saying About The Innova Inversion Table…

“I have never wrote a review for anything before but this one deserves it!
I am a 30 year old female with pretty bad lower back pain and sciatica. My husband suggested us buying an inversion table so I started researching. I chose this one because of all the amazing reviews.
We assembled it tonight (which didn’t even take an hour) and gave it a try.
I set mine at 30 degrees and got on for 3 minutes. When I got off I couldn’t believe my back wasn’t hurting anymore… seriously y’all, it was immediate relief! This purchase was worth every penny! I have a few friends and family members that are now wanting to purchase after hearing my review. One of the best purchases I have ever made!”
 February 27, 2017
“I purchased the Innova ITX9600 a month ago. Just over four years ago I had an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. The neurologist advised me that I had a lot of degenerative arthritis in my neck and there was nothing else they could do except send me to a pain management clinic. They tried facet injections, and epidural injections, medications, but nothing helped. Eventually, I got tired of going to doctors and paying co-pays and just suffered with the pain. Every morning I woke up with a throbbing neck ache. I was taking anywhere from 12 to 16 ibuprofen every day. The doctors told me that the ibuprofen was hurting my kidneys and that my creatinine levels were too high. But I felt like I had no choice because the pain was unbearable. Earlier this year I developed lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain that kept me awake at night. Then several months ago (Sept. 2016) I developed pain in my lower neck that radiated down my left shoulder blade. As if that wasn’t enough, the pain traveled down my left arm and two of my fingers would go numb. I would have my wife to massage my back but that didn’t help. Tried ice. That made it worse. A heating pad helped but it wasn’t by much. Finally, couldn’t take it any longer and went to my family physician. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. He didn’t do an X-Ray, told me it “felt like” I had a disc out of place, gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. So, I took the medication he prescribed (it helped some) and did my best to get through the day. So in November (2016), and at my wits end, I purchased this inversion table. When it arrived I immediately put it together. I’ve been using it for 10 minutes a day, everyday, for the past month. These are the results;
1. I no longer take ibuprofen.
2. I no longer take the medication the doctor prescribed.
3. Once in awhile I do take a Tylenol, but not very often.
4. No longer do I have throbbing neck pain in the morning.
5. My sciatic nerve is not keeping me awake at night.
6. My back pain is down to a minimum.
7. The pain that radiates down my left shoulder still gets sore sometimes but it’s bearable and continues to get better.
8. My left arm no longer hurts and my fingers don’t go numb.”
December 19, 2016
“Diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain and extreme numbness in my shin at the emergency room, I ordered it out of desperation and tried it twice with no change. My Doctor (DO) was adamant to me,”use it ten minutes a day” and referred me to a neurosurgeon after getting my MRI results.
Within a week the pain eased to where I quit my pain meds and within 2 more weeks the numbness went away.
Cancelled the neurosurgeon appointment and would recommend this product. The more expensive model might hold your feet more comfortably, but I’ll trade it for a trip under the knife, any day!”

 August 31, 2015

Final Verdict: Is The Innova Inversion Table Worth It?

Innova ITX 9600 banish lower back pain Answer: YES!

Bottom Line:

It works, and it works fast (even on extreme lower back pain). Some have reported seeing results instantly.

You get to avoid the hassle of seeing doctor after doctor. You get to save money by doing yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

And it will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive medical back surgery. No need to even think about it.

Final Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

It’s Important That You Treat Your Back Right Now…

Because if you DON’T do anything today, it will only get worse:

Innova ITX9600 inversion table my lower back relief

(Don’t let your back pain get this bad! Get your Innova Inversion Table here)

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Innova ITX 9600 Inversion Therapy Table F.A.Q

Q: Where can I buy the Innova Inversion Table?

A: You can get it directly through the manufacturer by clinking this link

Q: What is the Best Skin Tag Removal Product?

A: The Innova ITX 9600 Inversion Therapy Table is an extremely solid product that has proven to work. It is quickly becoming the go to answer for people with lower back pain daily. It has a raging fan base, because of its results. Overall, I think you will be very pleased with your purchase.

Q: What causes lower back pain?

A: Common causes of lower back pain can be the a strain from lifting a really heavy object. It can be quick movements that put stress on your lower back. It can be caused by a sports injury, especially in high contact sports. It can even be caused by practicing poor posture for a long time. Whatever the cause may be, the good news is that there is an answer! You can get rid of your lower back pain on your own with this solution. 

Q: How do you banish your lower back pain?

A: Lower back pain is nothing to take lightly. If not treated promptly, it is a problem that will only get worst over time. This can result in extreme agony, limited range of motion, and a lot of money to try to fix. You can make all of your lower back pain disappear at home and on your own time with the Innova Therapy Table. You can get it here.


Best of luck, and here’s to having lower back pain relief!

– A friend